QHSE Officer

Position Code: HS-0001

Job Summary

Responsible for providing high level of safety awareness and employee training to ensure a safety minded employee and proper work procedures at the rig /work site. He shall ensure proper Quality System Standards as per Quality Plan.

Main Responsibilities

QHSE Responsibilities:

  • Ensures that operations are conducted in a safe manner according to AL SHAWAMIKH Drilling / Work over Services policies and procedures.
  • Develop a pro-active safety program.
  • Plays an active part in QHSE meetings and all other company safety management systems.
  • Is the rig safety focal point.
  • Follows-up safety meetings recommendations.
  • Prepares the rig for audits and ensures their recommendations are carried-out.
  • Maintains the HSE database at rig/worksite.
  • Gives recommendations for safety improvements on the rig /Worksite.
  • Conducts HSE presentations and gives HSE training on the rig/worksite.

Site Inspections:

  • Attend safety meeting with each crew and train crew on how to hold a beneficial safety meeting.
  • Ensure safety meetings are held prior to rig moves, casing jobs, drill stem test or any other unique procedure.
  • To undertake a comprehensive Rig inspection once every two months.
  • To follow-up on areas of concern with rig personnel after conducting the safety meeting.
  • Audit that the new employee orientation has been completed properly.
  • Audit that the accident information has being returned to ‘Doghouse’ and being referenced.
  • Discuss safety concern with the company representative and Rig Manager/Person in-charge.
  • Discuss procedures with crew and Driller to ensure proper procedures are being followed.
  • Training ability in incident prevention.
  • Ability to conduct incident investigations and identify underlying causes.
  • Be fully conversant with PDO safety documents and emergency procedures.
  • Conduct Quality System audit as per Internal Quality Audit requirements.


  • Reviews all accident reports.
  • Co-ordinate records and safety award reports.
  • Submit monthly report indicating frequency of meetings.
  • Complete and submit monthly accident reports to Contract Manager and QHSE Manager.
  • Maintain adequate supply of safety equipment inventory.

Attendance of the following courses is mandatory for HSE Officer:

  • Minimum of 3 years related experience in Rig or Hoist.
  • Diploma in Safety industrial
  • HSE Ladder Courses for Supervisors(HSE Ind, IFR, H2S, HSE T & S, CMC, SLS)
  • Permit to Work
  • Defensive Driving (DD 01 & DD 03)
  • Safe Journey Management
  • Accident / Incident Investigation
  • First Aid (AHA)
  • Environmental Awareness
  • ISO Internal Auditor Training