AL SHAWAMIKH OIL SERVICES SAOC is committed to provide quality services to our clients and to protect Health & Safety of our employees, subcontractors and others who may be affected by our activities. ALSHAWAMIKH will take all effort to protect the environment as well.

AL SHAWAMIKH has developed a quality & HSE Management system that meets our client’s requirements and being implemented. Our top management is committed to demonstrate a positive and proactive approach towards the HSE by setting themselves as examples.

Top and line mangers are visiting all the sites regularly and conducting QHSE Audits and thus mitigating QHSE gaps if any.

All our employees are encouraged to participate in hazard hunting and Safety Training Observation Programs and a result AL SHAWAMIKH has become a safer organization.

HSE Policy

Quality Policy


The basis of Al Shawamikh’s HSE policy is that every employee is entitled to a safe working environment. Al Shawamikh wishes to be recognised in the Well Services industry as a low risk company with regard to the safety of its employees, equipment and the protection of the environment. All employees shall contribute to this recognition and this commitment to safety is expected of each employee. Every employee shall be provided with protective equipment and guidance to accomplish the work required in a safe manner. Each employee has a basic responsibility to make safety for himself and his fellow employees.

Every Line Manager is responsible for setting an example with regard to HSE by actively involving all employees in the creation and maintenance of a work environment where everybody shares his own safety with the safety of his fellow employees. Adherence to HSE rules is a pre-condition of employment.

To achieve this safe work environment requires that all employees develop the attitude that all accidents are preventable. It also requires all employees to do their share in making this goal a reality.

The Company appreciates and recognises the responsibility and obligation to protect the environment of Oman. All employees are obliged to ensure the protection of environment, minimise pollution and strive to optimise the efficient use of natural resources.

In order to achieve our objectives the HSE programme shall include ( but not be limited to) the following:

  • Full compliance with the laws of the Sultanate of Oman
  • Regular programmes of HSE inspections and audits
  • Relevant HSE training for all staff
  • The empowerment of all employees to STOP any job which they feel is unsafe
  • Ensuring that all sub-contractors follow the Alshawamikh’s / Client’s HSE policy.

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AL SHAWAMIKH OIL SERVICES SAOC (herein after Al Shawamikh) committed to provide our customers with a high quality service on time and on budget ensuring that a greater integrity will be maintained in our area of business pertaining to WELL SERVICES HOIST OPERATIONS, WIRE LINE (Slick line) OPERARATIONS and PIPE LINE MANITENANCE in the Oil & Gas Exploration sector.

We intend to achieve this by:

  • Clearly defining processes, systems and quality objectives that are continuously improved to exceed organizational and customer needs and expectations.
  • Creating an environment for people for working efficiently to ensure total customer satisfaction.
  • Allowing the Company to prosper and grow as a business to ensure continued service to customers.
  • Provide and ensure a SAFE and healthy work environment at all areas of our operations.
  • It shall be ensured that this Quality Policy is communicated to all personnel at all levels within the organization and shall be reviewed for its continuing suitability.

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