Innovation & New Technology

Based on the philosophy for improving our KPIs reflecting our efficiency, enhancing our reputation and raising our prospects for a larger market share of the business we are constantly looking for innovation in our daily activities at all locations to deliver end results in the best and simplest possible manner by reducing all types of wastage of time, inventory, motion and over processing.

This is done through encouraging our employees to come up with ideas under a monthly Shukran scheme which is then evaluated and the winner rewarded and acknowledged in a monthly meeting.

Water Pillow used for storage of water at Drilling Rig sites is a good example of new technology application which has eliminated the use of digging water pits at the sites.

As a company we are always on the lookout for such new technologies which can bring value addition to our services and benefit all stakeholders.

Business Diversification

We have come a long way since establishment of the company in 2011 but still we have miles to go. As per our initial mandate, now we are focussed only on Oil & Gas sector with a low to medium market share.

Having consolidated the company over the past several years, we are now poised for business diversification into sustainable non-oil sectors such as,

  • Renewables
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Food industry
  • Environmental Services

The objective being to increase number of shareholders and Omani ICV content, save foreign exchange through reduction of imports, provide high value & high-quality products for the local market and venture into the export market.

We intend to achieve the above through investments by way of acquisition and building new projects through reputable international technology partners.