Standalone Well Services

Our standalone rig less services in Oman currently consist of slickline services, well head maintenance services and well integrity & testing services. We have more than 6 years’ experience in providing these services to multiple clients in Oman spread across multiple locations. We have successfully and safely delivered all well intervention, maintenance and integrity objectives of our clients with minimum Non-Productive Times in the most cost-effective manner with high quality equipment and staff.

Operational Units

AOS operational Units and teams Count
Slickline 2
WHM team 6
Sand Sucker 2

Well attended

AOS operational Units Number of well Attended
Slickline 10
WHM team 20
NCP 10
Sand Sucker 20
Our Services
Slick Line Service
  • 2 Slickline units with OXY
  • Operations include,

    • Pressure and temperature surveys
    • Gas lift valve change outs
    • Fishing
    • BPV and plug jobs
    • Well open up
    • Rig/hoist support
    • Well kill support
    • Tubing cleanout
    • SSD open/close
    • Well support/investigation
    • Logging/MPLT
  • Slickline base with inventory at Safah, OXY
  • NPT 0.3% in 2018
  • 5 years without LTI
Wellhead Maintenance
  • 3 crew in operation at Oxy Safah and Mukhaizna. Also provided services to OOCEP
  • Operations include,

    • Wellhead, X-Mas tree & Process Valves preventive maintenance for oil & gas, gas injection, steam injection and water wells
    • Corrective maintenance, greasing on standard/high temperature, high pressure (10,000 psi) X-Mas tree gate valves, Ball Valves and Actuator Valves
    • Leak/Inflow test and Function test of Wellhead Equipment & X-Mas tree gate valves of various makes
    • Pressure testing of X-Mas tree valves and wellhead
    • Actuator closure timing and function testing
    • Pressure test casing, tubing hanger and packer voids
    • Annulus leak investigation
    • Changeout well head equipment, spools and annulus valves
    • Greasing and Maintenance of Process Valves like Remote Manifold Valves, BVS Header Valves, Gathering Station Process Valves, Station Manifold, PIG launcher and PIG receiver Header Valves, Gas Turbine Inlet/Outlet Valves, Compressor Inlet/Outlet Valves and Actuator Valves.
Well Integrity and testing
  • 1 unit available. Provided services to OOCEP
  • Operations include,

    • Well Integrity Test
    • Sub-Surface Integrity Test
    • Well Kill & Suspension
    • SCSSSV open up
    • Backflush
    • Well Services support