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Our Team

AOS ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients starts with our team of smart and capable experts. Our dedicated employees bring energy, fresh ideas and pride to their work.

We're always looking for the best and brightest talent to join our team.


Human Resources

AOS offers its employees a rewarding, open work environment and the opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable experience. We empower employees at all levels and in all positions to make decisions and think in new and innovative ways.


Graduates, Student internship

Whether you're still at university or have just graduated, we offer programmes that provide valuable work experience and may open the door to a career at Alshawamikh.

These fantastic opportunities allow you to test and prove yourself in a challenging environment, working on projects that deliver real business impact and that have been specifically matched to your interests and abilities.


Recruitment Fraud

It has come to our attention that various individuals or organizations are posting fraudulent job descriptions and contacting people offering false employment opportunities, pretending to recruit on behalf of AOS. These fraudulent "recruiters" pretend to solicit applications on behalf of AOS, notify individuals that their qualifications were found to be suitable for employment, and may request sensitive personal and financial information.


Inclusive Recruitment

We promote an inclusive workplace environment where people can bring their full selves to work and we work hard to ensure everyone is offered equality of opportunity to achieve their full potential.