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Tendering Process


All procurement materials and services are covered by budgeted amounts


Only approved vendors are invited to tender


Proposals are evaluated consistently, comprehensively and fairly


Checks and balances within the company are maintained, complete transparency is achieved


Contracts are awarded on the most optimal basis of the company




Registration of Vendors

The Supply chain department will maintain and strive to enhance professional relationship with all the approved suppliers in. an effort to obtain the highest level of cooperation in terms of:

  • Adherence to delivery dates
  • Competitive pricing
  • The supply of quality products and services which meet the requirements of the company
  • The highest level of ethical conduct



The following vendor information is required for vendor registration process.

  • Download and fill vendor registration document
  • Get soft copy of below documents
    • Company legal name and registered address
    • Company type and commercial registration details
    • Contact person’s name, position, email and contact number
    • Product details
    • Delivery timelines
    • Payment terms
    • Banking Information (Duly signed by representative in the company letterhead)
  • Email above documents to info@alshawamikh.com


Other Important notes

  • Al Shawamikh shall strive to deal only with approved suppliers, established through the vendor registration process and after applicable assessment of criteria
  • The performance of suppliers will be monitored on a regular basis and corrective action will be taken in case of any unacceptable service.
  • Site visits shall be conducts to key suppliers submitting the completed registration forms before prequalifying hem for key project execution contracts.
  • The company reserve the rights to suspend the registration of any vendor if it fails to adhere to country/company rules and regulations / terms or fails to comply with contractual terms and conditions.