Our Responsibility

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Our Responsibility

In-Country Value

In-Country Value

ICV background

ICV is defined as the total spending retained in country that benefits business development, contributes to human capability development and stimulates productivity in Oman’s economy. Hence Al-Shawamikh is continuously supporting the In-country value blueprint strategy to enhance the benefits attained locally. It is AOS responsibility to Create opportunities for Omanis and develop their talents to enhance the local human resource and add value to the economy.

Alshawamikh was established based on a royal directive to create investment opportunities and enhance the in-country value to the Sultanate of Oman. Hence, it is AOS objective to increase local investments on fixed assets. Economic growth is directly correlated to local fixed assets investments, therefore AOS strives to contribute to Oman’s economic growth.

ICV elements
  • Increasing Omanisation and developing the skills of national workforce
  • Increasing in-country spend on local goods and services
  • Enhance Omanisation in the Work Force
  • Training of Omanis
  • Improve investments in Fixed Assets
  • Local Sourcing of Goods
  • Local Sourcing of Subcontracted Services
  • Development of National Suppliers


Our sustainability programs help us reduce environmental impacts from our operations, products and services; manage environmental risks; and pursue sustainability initiatives such as reducing waste and conserving energy. Employees are required to adher


Code of Business Conduct

Our business code of conduct applies to all AlShawamikh directors, officers and employees of the company. Our practical guide is designed to help all employee’s handle business situations legally, morally, professionally and fairly. Our business


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is one of the core elements demonstrating our commitment towards serving our society and especially the concession areas; Bahla and Adam. We aim to deliver social, environmental, and economic values back to society. The